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Bayer Leverkusen completed their 10th last-minute comeback, reaching 90 minutes, extending a 49-game deficit. Stanisic scored 2-2 in the 97th minute to join Roma. Thanks to a magical and innovative aura, which has earned it the last year in European football, which surpasses the game of Eusebio's Benfica in 1965, a Xabi Alonso team that has reached the final of the Europa League, with which it will compete. Dublin, M 22 May. the next. He faced Atalanta, who defeated Marseille by a score of 3 to 0.


Matej Kovar, Edmund Visial Tapsoba, Piero Hincapie Reyna, Jonathan Tah, Jeremy Frimpong (Josip Stanisic, 90th minute), Exequiel Palacios, Xhaka, Grimaldo (Kwaku Odilon Kosono, 90th minute), Adam Hlozek (74th minute). . – Jonas Hoffmann (Florian Wirtz, 81st minute) – Amin Adly



Mile Svilar, Tassendi (Smalling, 80 minutes), Gianluca Mancini, Obiti N'Dicka, Leonardo Spinazzola (Nikola Zalewski, 21 minutes), Paredes, Cristante, Lorenzo Pellegrini (Tammy Abraham, 80 minutes), El Shaarawy, Lukaku and Azmoun. (Eduardo Bove, Min. 71)

Goals 0-1 minute. 42: Paredes. 0-2 minutes. 66: Paredes. 1-2 minutes. 82: Gianluca Mancini (right). 2-2 minutes. 96: Josip Stanisic.

governor Danny Makeley

Amarillos cards Lorenzo Pellegrini (20 minutes), Paredes (27 minutes), Nikola Zalewski (28 minutes), Jonathan Tah (41 minutes), Florian Wirtz (89 minutes).

Because of feelings of food anger. Serdar Azmoun has joined Bayer Leverkusen after two long and short spells. It was created 28 years ago in Rome. The Europa League side is facing a major problem in Leverkusen, as the match was disrupted on the beach to Porto. He is wearing outerwear. They are converted to Romanita – a religion of modern Roman cults – and, all is well, there seems to be a clear sense of profit. There is no activity more active in all Rome during the first period of time. When Leverkusen's performances join their comrades, the Iranians are encouraged by their determination to get away from it all. He first hit the local ball and managed to get a penalty.

Angeliño coloca The type of trip he wears outdoors. Galecki travels onto the pitch and jumps the furthest, as Lukaku prepares for the try. The ball voava when Taha Pegou Azmoun teed up the penalty spot. Makeley is not hesitant. This is impossible. After 40 minutes of sitting, the assistant will see you. Palacios Fez 0-1. Leverkusen enters the field with an advantage of two rounds or the enthusiasm that will characterize us in recent months. As they create their potential, and Xhaka drives them with a sense of inevitability, Alonso's side are pressing another area. Throughout the transformation, opponents will be overcome by repelling them into a change of position. Access continues from the second line. As deep experiences of Frimpong duplicate. Palacios has helped the Romanista to the waterfall that enables him to travel and nearly survives a bounce along the coast of Svilar. Better energy shock or entertain the visitor for the next minutes. It is a waterfall from the Frimpong trek, a waterfall from Adli, another from Hlozek, Hoffman, and more recently Hlozek. Roma won when Azmoun won on penalties 0-1.

Leverkusen fell behind in the interval as Xabi Alonso had his players break up the mutiny of Azmoun and their skilled duo. The storm continues before the leaders of Svilar. Not the first time, after tearing it up with a knockout, hit the ball with its new Marco penalty kicks. Roma consolidated their advantage (0-2) and Bayer faced a number of difficult situations that occur many times over a period of time or trigger clear reactions by themselves, in which they become part of the shield. Unlike the ardent opponents, when the parties start the second time in the bank – Stanisic, Odilon, Wirtz, Cech – those who must be eager to live as if they were playing a familiar party. It seems I thought. Repetitions, repeated iterations, critical counterattacks, successful tautologies.

Marco Mancini 1 to 2 on own ground after fantastic devilish bravery for Grimaldo. The board was made 2 to 2 by Stanisic, zagueiro, which is no longer paper from Frimpong, along with NATO. The basic elements. Poderia ser qualquer mother. Leverkusen's emotional turbines produce everything essential.

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