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This is what happened, as the directives of participants and contractors will reflect the implementation support reform proposal presented by the government after incorporating the changes negotiated in the second negotiations between the Ministry of Labor and Social Agents. This review has been completed, as social organizations and business owners will approve the text that will be approved by the Council of Ministers until it is sent to the MPs' camera. A CC OO ea UGT confirms the second time that it has proven a lot, and supports this reform, when the main partners of CEO E-Cepyme do not communicate their decision. Don't worry, Business Lines explains that this process is just a negotiation consultation, or problem solving that cannot be disentangled from its formal support text.

This is the second order the Executive has approved this reform, introducing the reforms required of Brussels to pay part of a quarter of the Next Generation Fund tranche. At the end of January, when the government includes a new design through the aid number decree not to negotiate with the social partners and they were accepted into the camera of the deputies thanks to a decision bosom Enter opposition to Podemos. This again indicates that the reform will be introduced, because it confirms the lines of Podemos, or that the participation led by Ione Pillara now votes in favor of the text that it shares in Parliament. Emilio Sanchez Hidalgo Related. This change should be a real response from the Labor Party to commit to capacity needs and ensure a return to the quality of project support beneficiaries of more than 52 contributing 125% of the minimum contribution. The Migrant Labor Party's faltering experience will return 100% to the minimum that will give you or you can vote against this reform, which will now continue and include new developmental steps to support the final strengthening of the normative text:

More progressive benefits from Desemprego

At the moment, there are beneficiaries of several types of support for projects, who in some cases have obtained thanks to the contribution of contribution to support for projects, equivalent to 80% of the total Multi-Performance Index (Iprem), which amounts to 600 euros per month by 2024, portanto esta ajuda It goes up to 480 euros. As a fix, the new mountains will have a 95% chance of success within the first six months (at least €570 in 2024); 90% of the Iprem will be returned within the next 6 months (540 euros per month), 80% of the Iprem will be returned during the next 6 months (540 euros per month) and 80% of the Iprem will be frozen during the benefit period. This is due to the recognized benefits for people who are victims of gender-based or sexual violence, such as migrants who move back.

More protected groups

The reform makes it possible to obtain the right to benefit from assistance to new categories, such as people under 45 years of age who do not have familiar responsibilities, as they will receive the contributory benefit for 360 days until it is received for no more than 6 months. Likewise, there is a group that has historically said it is able to receive subsidies – including farmers over the age of 52: the temporary farmers across the country (actually only temporary farmers in rural Andalusia receive aid). Same) . It only takes six months to become familiar with the contributions and can also be reassembled, even if you do not have familiar responsibilities. Victims of sexual or sexual violence and migrants who decline can also receive this assistance if they remain separated.


The new design was the general rule that was consistent with the business function, whether it was an internal cadence or a partial cadence, to “consider supplementing support for the project” for a maximum of 180 days, as one of the best . This means that the compatible support value will reduce the function of providing a job compatible with the business function, by up to 80% of the EPR for us when the business is the internal rhythm by 60% if it is less than 50%. . I'm working. These values ​​are designed for the first three months of construction and will diminish over the subsequent three months.

Moreover, as an important step, the reforms also include the possibility of compatibility with the procedures that contribute to the reconstruction from April 1, 2025, whereby the first replacements are decorated within months of their receipt, with the internal time not being in the same form and the conditions and events being determined according to the design conditions. . Contudo, the contribution support will not be compatible with work when the liquid monthly salary is 225% higher than the IPREM (about 1.950 euros).

Now, contributory or implementation support will be allowed to go hand-in-hand with part-time or self-employed work. At the moment, only those who are over 52 years of age and receive this assistance can reconcile the assistance with a temporary temporary contract, for an indefinite or temporary period, although the duration will exceed three months. Compete with the Ministry of Labor, labor inspection, social security facilities and wage-based financing.

Subsídios parcias são cancelados

Because people on a part-time contract have done and given their right to contribute or earned over 52, they receive an integral value from that payment and it is not proportional to the hours worked, as they currently realize it.

New requirements and access requirements

The period of care will be eliminated more than ever, starting with the data of exploitation benefit exploitation. If requested after six months of cleanliness, the request will be non-deferred. In the case of learning inadequacy, personal learning inadequacy may be allowed to be accessed and made familiar, alternately. The actual pairing can be accessed with a familiar unit. However, the demand from companies explicitly states that “a familiar core can indicate relationships of cooperation or economic dependence.”

References to IMV

Cases protected by social protection that are not directly linked to the loss of a previous project should be redirected to other public assistance, especially to achieve minimum performance. An exceptional title, which is a guarantee of access to help Spanish immigrants who decline their right to receive contributory benefits and victims of sexual, sexual or domestic violence.

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