Foi aceite a acção movida por mais de 330 treinadores contra a Federação Espanhola de Futebol por não emitir licenças da UEFA para treinar fora de Espanha | Futebol | Esportes

The 33rd Court of First Instance of Madrid has helped more than 330 coaches confront the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), among others, through the National Coaches Committee (Cenafe) and the Transparency and Democracy Association of these. Derej. Written by Miguel Galán, the man who decided to change the character within the organization that governs Spanish football. The techniques used by the Spanish Football Federation do not allow them to train, strangely, without obtaining a license from UEFA, in order to obtain their certificates in accreditation centers. Secondly for claimants, União waives this license in order for you to study in centers appropriate to us.

In a 26-page denunciation, Vista of this magazine denounces the violation of Article 14 of the Spanish Constitution – which affirms that Spaniards have citizenship – and the freedom of circulation of workers in the European Union. “Through the football technical qualification, any of the claimants can coach the first time football (such as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, ​​etc.) in the Spanish competition, season, can not do. “At the same time you join In it to the French team of the third division, because the Spanish Football Federation does not obtain a qualification (certificate or license from the European Football Association) does not pay a tax (worth 1,050 euros) to be subject to the procedures for accrediting the competencies that it possesses have been achieved, proven, controlled, and approved. By the Spanish Football Federation. “É Exclusively at the same time,” it announced, which was accepted for processing on April 12.

Prosecutors estimate that a number of employees affected by the actions of the Football Association are traveling to the homes of thousands, when they receive offers from strangers – especially in the lower leagues and amateur categories – but cannot obtain a license from the European Football Association (UEFA). Praticando fora da Espanha.

In order to issue licenses, the Federation requires detainees holding the title of Sports Technician or Higher Sports Technician for Football to obtain an organizational quality committee that acquires the necessary skills and competencies.

OS queixosos pedem ao tribunal que que que “a federaço Spanishhola de futebol viuleou or direito à igualdade à no disciminaço, outporcionar-lhes explais extoS eScoS extoS et extoS et extoS eSus at extoS eScoL in the Spanish Federation. Para os demand antes, It represents either the “barreira” or the post that belongs to the Spanish Futebol team that is difficult to perform or work in other places to “liberate the residence and the executive of the professional football player and the UE’s team qualifier in the country ões” as we ask The federation may grant and obtain UEFA licenses through professional competencies that possess “conditions that coaches acquire from the studies of coaches in our centers or affiliated schools.”

The Union offers two relationships related to sustainable development

A guard-for-saber se o csd convocará o conselho de administraço da organizaão para umenso temporária devido a faltas gravísmas parte do comité de gestão daderaão espanhola de fute as. A Fundaço é dirigida por-ontem, Quarta-feira, A Federaço Enviou à Comissão de Senvolvimento dois relatórios que está avaliar e que ‘podem contituir um elegieso valioso Vimento Studentável, o what confirms that it is being done “with persistence, determination and with the utmost legal guarantees.” To confront…the crisis of the Spanish Football Federation.”

These documents were entered after the President of the Commission on Sustainable Development, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribe, announced a new mission from the Chamber of Deputies which is the institution that extends the invitation to the management consultant the next day to vote among themselves frankly, Rocha Administrative Committee to comment after the Court of Arbitration for Sport ( TAD) judgments against them the second last time.

The origin of the TAD operation was the indictment brought by Miguel Galán in which Rocha was accused of excelling in his duties as internal president and attracting the electoral invitation of the Spanish Football Federation. The TAD decision was issued at the second meeting of the Sustainable Development Committee, in which 39 pages of the document were analyzed to decide on its disqualification or that of Rocha and the rest of the band members who form its solid core after surviving the Rubiales crisis.

In addition, Rocha has been accused since the end of the hex within the scope of the production operation, which investigates a conspiracy that certainly aimed to save the Spanish Federation during the presidency of Luis Rubiales (2018-2023) by falsifying contracts, including those of the rebuilding Chao. La Cartuja Stadium, in Seville, which will be completed in 2021, or the stadium that will host the Spanish Super Cup games in Saudi Arabia.

Please, the absolute status of the transfer will continue to be indicated, whether as a boss or a person capable of concluding a unique contract to advance the next day.

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